ho_sehun (ho_sehun) wrote,

message trouble

This post is for llihu: I tried to reply to your message but you have privacy settings that don't let me send it!! I'll just put my reply under the cut and hope you see it.

Oh man, thanks for liking the fic enough to want to translate it! I'm definitely okay with you translating it. All I ask is if you could link to my archive of our own (which is under the same name as I am here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/ho_sehun) as well as my lj :) and maybe a link when you're done. I like keeping track of what people say about my fics, even if I can't understand it lol

In other news, I promise I have another fic coming. It's just me getting out of my rut and actually finishing it. Don't give up on me!!!!!
Tags: not!fic
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