ho_sehun (ho_sehun) wrote,

this must be how it feels

Title: this must be how it feels
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG
Length: 14K
Summary: Chanyeol has come to expect this kind of life, the one of the unwanted hybrid. Then comes Do Kyungsoo.

read it here @ ao3


Sorry it's taken so long to post something new! Apparently stress makes me write a lot but finish nothing; amazing!

I'm not sure if you noticed, but starting with this fic I plan to only post on archive of our own. I will continue to post here when I post a new fic with this same type of format, but it's just so much easier to deal with one upload and having all of my fics in one place!
Tags: au: hybrid, character: chanyeol, character: kyungsoo, exo, pairing: chanyeol/kyungsoo
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